Trump County Chairman

Lorain & Cuyahoga

Los Angeles

Keith Colton - GOP Endorsed


by The GOP, area pastors, the churches and the body of Christ.

Improved Economy

A second generation home builder who will bring prosperity back to Northern Ohio.

Servant of God

Following God from youth. A PSR teacher of the Bible and worship leader. Protecting constitutional rights and prepared to die for them. Unconditional support of Israel.

Pro Businesses/Unions

A second generation builder and second generation member of 1108 plainers and joiners union that knows the value of the marriage between workforce and management

Focused on the Issues

Surrounding himself with great minds to lead to success, using a Bible based value system. God must not be removed from our country's direction.

Vote Colton

Committed to protecting the free markets of Northern Ohio by protecting consitutional rights.

“We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.”



  • FOR - Trump's economic growth agenda

    • Tax cuts
    • Fewer regulations
    • EPA development reform
    • Helping business grow
    • Term limits

  • FOR - Border Control

    • Build the wall
    • No sanctuary cities
    • Stop Illegal immigration
    • STOP the flow of ILLEGAL DRUGS, guns and money into our country
    • Undocumented citizens shouldn't get free health care
    • No citizens benefits for illegal immigrates

  • FOR - Protecting Constitutional Freedoms

    • Protect the dwindling freedoms of speech
    • Protect the right to use and own a gun
    • Protect the right to due process
    • Reform the corrupted court systems
    • STOP the FBI and DOJ from illegal surveillance on US citizens
    • Prosecute Hillary and Obama for selling uranium to Russia
    • Clean house at the FBI and DOJ
    • Pro Life


  • AGAINST - Big Pharmacy / Health Care

    • Stopping big pharmacy companies from pushing terrible drugs
    • For legalized medical marijuana limited rec usage
    • Preventing children from getting easily preventable diseases
    • Stopping corruption in the medical industry
    • No more forced mercury based vaccines
    • Reform healthcare system, by removing government regulations
    • Change insurance companies' billing system formats
    • New approach to to the medical systems with a new direction of hosptial building and staff training

  • AGAINST - Leftist Education System

    • Education systems have been taken over by the leftist teacher's union from kindergarten to college
    • Stop children from being brainwashed by leftist agendas in public schools without choice
    • Stop teachers unions from funding democrats
    • Train our children to be better prepared for real life
    • Against a value system devoid of Biblical principles is forced onto our children
    • Against a lack of training for skill trades

  • AGAINST - Criminal Politicians

    • Politicians convicted of a felony should not be allowed to run for office
    • Illegal citizens should not be allowed to vote
    • No foreign funding should be allowed to influence our elections
    • End the Russia Mueller Probe

Drain The Swamp
Fighting for the soul of America

Keith Colton for Congress

Keith Colton is a Republican running for Congress. In early 2016, while working with President Trump’s campaign, Keith recognized the ever-growing need for better representation of the communities in Ohio’s 9th District, which runs along Lake Erie from Toledo to Cleveland. Keith began working with his father, Jack, at the age of 13. An award-winning home builder, real estate developer, and designer, Jack taught Keith at an early age the value integrity and honest work. After attending Arizona State University, Keith moved to Washington, D.C. to attend the National Association of Homebuilders training program. He then returned to Ohio to re-join his family and help manage the family business. In working on real estate projects, from conception and planning, acquisition, financing, engineering, subdivision, city codes and bylaws, Keith has become all-too familiar with the bureaucratic red tape caused by government over-regulation. Now a business owner himself, Keith is faced daily with the obstacles and hurdles that 35 years of Democrat leadership has brought his district. Keith Colton is running for Congress because he has the exact kind of training and experience to step in and take action. It’s time for Ohio’s 9th District to experience a new kind of leadership. The 9th District includes Avon Lake, Bay View, Bay Village, Berea, Beulah Beach, Brooklyn, Brookpark, Castalia, Cleveland, Crystal Rock, Curtice, Harbor View, Huron, Kelley’s Island, Lakeside, Lakewood, Linndale, Lorain, Marblehead, Oregon, Parma, Port Clinton, Put-in- Bay, Rocky River, Sandusky, Sheffield Lake, Toledo, Vermillion, and White’s Landing.

Ohio 9th district